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Professional Version Features

This version has all the basic features needed to produce 2D, 2-line ductwork layouts very quickly.


Check out the Example Usage and Screen Shots to get a feel for how the system works.

After you add each fitting, it is automatically connected to the previous fitting with a straight section of duct. The duct is labeled with the text oriented properly. After each fitting is completed, the program ends and returns to the AutoCAD Command: prompt. I found it very frustrating using other systems that tried to draw the entire duct system from a single command, only to find out that an intermediate step was performed incorectly, and the only way to fix it was to draw the whole thing again.

The following additional advanced features are included:

Automatic, on-the-fly duct sizing
Instead of the program prompting for a duct diameter or width, the program prompts for CFM flow rate and calculates the minimum standard duct size that does not exceed adjustable velocity and pressure drop limits.

Automatic Materal List
Each fitting and straight section can be logged in a comma delimited ASCII file. It is designed to be imported into a spreadsheet for cost estimating or other calculations.

Turning Vanes
In the Pro version, 90 degree mitered elbows can optionally have turning vanes shown.

Terminal Units
In the Pro version users can select from menus of VAV, CV or Fan Powered terminal units that can be dragged into place just like any other fitting.  When you use a terminal unit, the duct cursor is automatically placed at the discharge opening of the terminal unit.

3D Ductwork and Fittings
A limited set of 3D fittings using the same easy to use method as the 2D fittings. Even makes elbows turning up and down or sloping. Includes more than 40 additional 3D fittings and allows you to specify the BOD elevation.

Toolbar Menu Support
This is THE fastest and most convienient way to use the system. The 'Pro' version assigns the most commonly used fittings to the on-screen toolbar. One click gets you the fitting, no menu navigation required.

Digitizer Tablet Menu Support
This is another fast way to use the system.  One click gets you the fitting, no menu navigation required. Finally, a reason to dig out and dust off that digitizer tablet that you stopped using when you switched to ACAD for Windows.

Documentation for custom menu programming
One of the best things about this system is that it is so easy to customize. You can easily add your own fittings and symbols. The Pro version comes with complete documentation that allows you to create your own custom menus and lisp programs as well as add your own fittings and symbols.

For information about purchase of the 'Pro' version go to the Professional Version Purchase Page.
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Updated: January, 2017
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