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Professional Version - Basic Information

Ductwork Pro Version 2.0
A simple to use and very powerful menu system and lisp programs for designing and drawing 2D, 2-line heating and air conditioning ducts. Works interactively and includes a library of standard fittings and elbows. Straight sections of duct are automatically drawn between fittings as you drag them into place. Most fittings are AutoCAD "Blocks" that can be customized to suit your needs. The system incorporates a unique "Ductwork Cursor" to guide you as you lay out your system. Layers can be customized for your office standards. This is the initial release of the Freeware Version and works for imperial units only.

A major goal when this program was designed, was to give it the ability to draw 2D, 2-line ductwork drawings as fast as possible. All the other bells and whisles would be great, but NOTHING should slow down this most basic function. I think I have achieved this better than any other HVAC ductwork drafting system out there, at any price.

The Pro version also includes advanced features like:

Check out the Example Usage and Screen Shots to get a feel for how the system works.

Requires AutoCAD Release 2000 or later, or Architectural Desktop 3.3 or later. I have tested it fully on all versions of AutoCAD up to 2011. It is written entirely in Autolisp. The system is composed of 16 seperate program files and menu files that automate the use of all programs. It will NOT work with AutoCAD LT.

Documentation is included in PDF format

Users Guide
The Users Guide is available to download.  It is in PDF format. Installation instructions and a description of the full menu system is included.

The Pro version comes with additional documentation describing how to customize the system. You can learn how to add new fittings and create you own menus to use the system. A basic understanding of AutoCAD menu programming and Lisp use is necessary.

I often get email messages saying "please send more information and literature about the Pro version". I DON'T HAVE ANY PRINTED LITERATURE. This web site it is all there is.

About the Program and the Author
The DUCTWORK system has been under developement (off and on) for over 9 years. It has undergone two major re-writes. In 1992, it was completely re-written from scratch into its current, highly optimized form. It was originally one large program file and is now many smaller, modular programs, totalling over 130kb of lisp source code, that are loaded as needed.

Randy Wilkinson is a registered Professional Engineer and Certified Energy Manager, has been designing HVAC systems for over 20 years. He specializes in computerized applications for HVAC design and has been using AutoCAD for HVAC design since 1983.
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Updated: March, 2023
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