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Testimonials for Ductwork Pro

We have purchase your Ductwork software and use it frequently. Very user friendly. I reccomend it!
P. Duncan, Smith Engineering

"I had purchased your software a while ago. Man made my life much easier!!!
Thanks again its awsome!!!..."  R. Mourey. Maple Shade, NJ

"...I think it is a wonderful program, and hope to continue to do business with you..." A. Taylor, PE, Princeton Junction, NJ

"I recently downloaded your ductwork software and thus far I’m very impressed with the simplicity of use. ", R. Brandel

Ductwork Pro Version 2.0 is here!

Some Noteworthy Features:





Toolbar menus are now available for the most commonly used fittings and features.  This makes use of the system much easier.  These fittings can be added to your drawings with 1 click.  No menu navigation necessary.

Each tool on the toolbar has descriptive “tool tips” that momentarily appear when the mouse pointer is over them.  This helps to remind you what each item will do.










Control Dialog box

The Ductwork Control dialog box has a feature to select from a list of commonly use duct layer names. By default, AIA style layer names are used.  However, you can customize the layer names to adhere to your company standards. Also, we have added controls for turning vanes and selection of color for special items. 


Improved Pull-dowm menus


The primary menu for the system is now the DuctworkPro pull-down menu.  The menu has been re-designed to be more useful.

Some of the menu items work to perform a function directly, and other will invoke an icon menu to allow you to select a fitting.







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Updated: April, 2018
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