Although I have some programs that I will share with you for FREE, this page leads you to software that you must pay a fee to use.

DUCTWORK for AutoCAD, Pro Version 2.0
A simple to use and very powerful menu system and lisp programs for designing and drawing 2D, 2-line heating and air conditioning ducts. Works interactivley and includes a library of standard fittings and elbows. Straight sections of duct are automatically drawn between fittings as you drag them into place. Incorporates a unique "Ductwork Cursor" to guide you as you lay out your system. Layers can be customized for your office standards.

Visit the DUCTWORK page to find out more.

Bin Weather Data Convertor
This program converts TMY2 weather files to bin weather data for quick energy calulations. TMY2 weather files for 239 US cities are available for free on the Internet. The output file from this program will open directly with Excel or OpenOffice.

Visit the TMY2BIN page to find out more.

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Updated: April, 2023
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