TMY2 hourly weather data to bin weather data conversion

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This program converts TMY2 (hourly) weather files to bin weather data for quick energy calulations. It converts the dry bulb temperature only. And currently, only US imperial units. Your can choose to create 2 degree, 4 degree, 5 degree, or 10 degree temperature bins. There is also an 8760 hourly output option so you can perform more detailed studies. The 8760 hourly output also includes the relative humidity for each hour. Use this to analyze total energy heat wheels, etc.

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Screen shot of TMY2BIN

Included with this software is the TM2 file for Spokane, WA so you can test the software. You will need to download the TM2 file for your locations. Do not use the binary versions of the TMY2 data files that are used by DOE2. The TM2 files that you can use with TMY2BIN will be exactly 1,261,501 bytes in length.   When you click the "Generate" button, it will read the TM2 file and create a .csv file. The .CSV file the it creates is openable by Excel, OpenOffice and many other spreadsheet programs.

You can choose your cities and download TMY2 8760 hour per year weather data for 239 US cities from:

Be sure the use the DOS versions...the Unix or Mac versions do not work with TMY2BIN.   The DOS versions are each compressed into a self extracting EXE files.   Modern versions of Windows will not execute these old 16-bit EXE files meant for MS-DOS.   But most good ZIP programs will open these EXE files and allow you to extract the TM2 files stored within.   We know WinZIP and 7-Zip will open them.


Q: "So, how come you don't include a Mean Coincident Wet Bulb (MCWB) for each bin?

A: Each bin contains a number of hours out of the year that the outdoor air temperature was within the temperature range of that bin. The hours in that bin may come from almost any time of the year. That means that if you were to calculate the MCWB for each bin, the resulting MCWB would always be very close to the annual average web bulb for that city. You might as well just use the annual average wet bulb.

If you want to do calculations that consider the moisture in the air, use the "8760 Hourly" output option, which outputs the DB temperature for each hour as well as the RH.

Downloadable Samples
Below are some sample output files created with TMY2BIN for Spokane WA. Click on the link below to have the file downloaded to your computer.

Spokane_5F_bins.csv 5 degree temperature bins, no unoccupied hours.
Spokane_5F_bins_Office.csv 5 degree temperature bins, Normal Office occupancy hours.
Spokane_5F_bins_School.csv 5 degree temperature bins, School occupancy hours.
Spokane_8760_Hourly.csv All hours output, Degrees DB and RH.

After you have saved one of these file on your computer, open it with your favorite spreadsheet program to see the bin weather information.

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